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Full text of "Further Sources Of Vijayanagara History"

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26. That king Bukka had for his son King Harihara, the
friend of wise (men), flourishing in prosperity and mer-
ciful 'in disposition).
27. Anointed by great ministers, Harihara sat upon the
bh<idr*8anv (throne of fortune), proclaiming as it were his
protectorship of the eight quarters by being mirrored in
eight pillars, and resembling the heavenly elephant by
the gurgling waters poured from the kalaŁas, the Kailasa
mountain by his weighty qualities (clouds \ the god of
love by waters and golden lotuses (?) and Skanda by the
waters of the Ganges.
28.    With the eight quarters filled with his great fame, always
devoted to the riiti of llami, the glorious king Karihara,
Indra among rulers of men, is ever victorious.
29.    He shone while Kali fled in fear as the waters of his danas
(gifts) made the earth cool after its being heated by the
unjust taxes and qualities of kings due to the power of
SO. To him the Eastern sea tendered elephants with gold, the
Southern ocean moon-like pearls, and the Western sea
gave a tribute of horses.
31. His courtyard converted into a mire by the flowing rut of
elephants and marked by (the hoofs of horses) is convert-
ed into a pavement of precious stones by the (subject)
kings with particles of jewels dropping from their
coronets jostling (against one another).
32. The dark reflection of his parasol was the only stain
on the crowns of the noble kings who were the abodes
of valoixr and whose prosperity excelled that of Knbera
and hidra,
3S. The lucky Ksatriya princesses got king Harihara for their
beloved partner, like the rivers the ocean, the lightning
the cloud, the Tedas Visnu, and the stars the moon.
S*. The object of his attachment was Melambika who shone
like Laksznl and the Earth-Goddess by her birth.